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Most buyers are now searching for property online, first. The virtual reality tour is one of the most effective tools practitioners have for promoting their listings and services. When your listing’s imagery provides a three-dimensional, realistic view of the property and the interior, potential buyers can better determine if the home meets their needs before they ever set foot on the property.
Source: Realtor Magazine, National Association of Realtors

The listings that are presented best on the Web are the ones that will get the most attention.
Source:Realtor Magazine, National Association of Realtors

81% of U.S. tenants use virtual reality tours as a resource when they are considering a rental property.
15% physically tour the property.
Source: CHBO

Most websites, like the MLS and VRBO, support virtual reality tours by just putting in a simple web address or html code. It is easy to implement.

Trends in the Charleston area show a 6% year-over-year rise in median sales price and a 5% rise in median rent per month.
Source: Trulia

Homes purchased in the Charleston, SC housing market one year ago have appreciated, on average, by $19,636. The national average was $14,963 over the same period. In comparison to other markets, the Charleston real estate market is expected to see attractive growth..., which should continue for the next few years.
Source: Than Merrill, Fortune Builders

It is time to have your real estate open house available 24/ 7 . . .
Maximize the online presence,
Captivate the attention of the viewer,
with Real Estate Virtual Reality Tours.

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