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PbG Virtual, a showcase of Photos by Glenna

Photos by Glenna | PbG Virtual is a  family company from Charleston, SC that was established in 2006. We take pride in producing quality work that exceeds our client's expectations and we are focused on customer service and satisfaction. Not every person or business is the same. We tailor our services to meet your needs. 

Glenna Richards
Founder & Lead Photographer
843-442-8828         glennaellen@gmail.com

Jeff Richards
Director: Marketing and Business Development
843-469-7566          jeffrichards69@gmail.com
"I love helping businesses grow, exceeding expectations and creating inventive solutions to problems, all in an ethical manner.  I get a thrill every time I see an individual employee and/or customer succeed, as I help companies realize their potential and help convert inefficiencies and opportunities into income for the families that work there.
I'm now privileged to work with my wife, Glenna, who is a consummate professional in her photography work ethic and owns an amazing company that is down to earth, creating artful wedding and event photography, but yet is on the cutting edge of technology with her Google Street View and Real Estate Virtual Tours."

Leanora Richards
Director: Sweets & Entertainment


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