Security with a Google Street View Virtual Tour

Diamonds Direct
1911 US-17, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

Stores with security like banks, jewelry stores, high end shops, etc. can have concerns about putting a virtual tour on Google. They fear that criminals would be able to "case" a place without walking in the door. I would like to put this "superstition" to rest once and for all.

Consider this, you have great security, like Diamonds Direct, and some criminal mastermind decides to Google your business. When they pull up the 360 tour they start to notice how tight the security really is and dismiss the business as a viable place. This has kept the criminal out of your store all together!

While I do my best to show a business accurately in the virtual tour, I also like a clean tour that doesn't block any of the location. I don't like to include people in the virtual tour. This would be very confusing for any criminal trying to research the business. They would not know where the security guard stands or see how the employees use the business space. They would have to physically come in there to see who is where.

Google Street View virtual tours are designed to show "public" areas. This means that employee only areas like behind the counters, in private offices, in the security station, etc. will be kept private. Criminals can not find out where or how to disable the alarm or any other security measure just by looking at the virtual tour.

 A virtual tour of your secure business with deter criminal intentions by showing your robust security system, keeping them guessing about where security guards and employees are stationed, and does not show any employee areas with security system controls. These things only add to the value of Google Street View virtual tours. Check out the additional value of Google Street View for your business at


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