A Tour of Charleston Harbor

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There is nothing quite like being on the water as the sun rises. It was a beautiful morning and full of photographic challenges, but worth every second.

Exclusive Fishing Charters Boat at SunriseCaptain John contacted me with the idea to take a tour of Charleston by boat and put it on his Google My Business listing. While his main business is fishing, the boat ride and views of Charleston from the water are second to none. It was a beautiful morning as the sun rose and we started at the Wappoo Landing. From there we went to the Ashley, out to the Charleston Harbour, the jetties, the Battery and of course the Ravenel Bridge and Yorktown.  Some areas were calmer than others, which is quite useful when creating images that rely on you camera being perfectly level.

It takes 12 photos to create 1 photosphere. Out by the jetties was the most difficult as we bobbed up and down, and I tried to time the camera being in the same place for 1/30th of a second (longer than you think). So use the arrows on the tour above to take a step in the boat and be transported to different places on the water in Charleston. I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I enjoyed the challenge.

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