Google Street View Prominently Placed on Google Daydream

What an exciting time we live in! We can virtually go places that were not possible before. Google Daydream was announced at Google IO2016 and I am so excited to share it with you. There are a ton of technical terms used to describe how amazing Daydream is going to be. If you are not familiar with Daydream, it is basically VR that you can interact with on a level that feels so real. It feels so real that in one example, people are teleported to a 150 foot diving board and asked to jump off. Even though people are there virtually, in reality they are standing on solid ground. They will not jump off the diving board. It is too real.

Above is an image of Google Daydreams home screen. You will notice that Google Street View is prominently placed. This is so exciting for me in my business. The tours that I create for people can become virtual reality experiences on a new level. People will be able to interact and create amazing fantasy worlds but that doesn't even compare to the beautiful world that we live in. If you have Google Cardboard, you can already explore Google Street View virtually. I am very excited to see how Daydream enhances this experience. More later . . .


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