What impact do photographs (visual stimuli) have on a business web presence?

      Beyond any legal ramifications of copyright(s), ect. which I will not get into here - topic for another day.  Photographs can and will greatly enhance a business profile on any site, be it your own website or via social media. Photographs enact a basic visual instinct to process information differently - the "power of a good visual isn’t just a scientifically well-documented phenomenon," "indeed our existence as a species is largely defined by our sense of sight. What we see, and how we interpret the things that we see, is a major factor in determining our actions and thus, the course of our lives.

You can hear, read, and think about anything at all, any concept, any object, or any person; but you’ll have a harder time understanding it until you’ve seen it.  Visual media, such as photography and video, are the closest that we can come to experiencing life elsewhere without going there ourselves. When you add a photo to a website, you’re not just adding pretty pixels. You’re offering your users a miniature experience to go along with whatever you’re selling." (http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2013/08/how-to-use-photography-in-web-design/Ezequiel Bruni).  
   This is why we, @photosby_glenna are so interested in assisting businesses, large, small and of all types to utilize the amazing technology in photographs that is Google Virtual 360 Business View.  It enhances and allows the user (potential customer) to see you and understand who you are before ever stepping foot into your business.  Simply amazing and definitely powerful. It can make a customer's decision to purchase from you even easier, and therefore make your business more profitable.  What do you think? Visit us or contact us to learn more.
Jeff Richards: jeffrichards69@gmail.com or Glenna Richards: glennaellen@gmail.com. www.weddingsofcharleston.com


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